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Creative & Elegant Documentary Wedding Photographers - telling wedding stories across the North East, including Co Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland & North Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

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Something a little different from the wonderful wedding of Anna & Craig at Le Petit Chateau in Northumberland

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When you suggest to the wedding party that they save that expensive bottle of prosecco for later in the evening - what a great wedding photo it makes, although it can result in a rather wet wedding photographer!

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Creative North East Wedding Photographers

Creative & Elegant Documentary North East Wedding Photographers Co Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland & North Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

About Us

We're Craig & Andrea; husband and wife wedding photographers, based in Co Durham. We love to tell wedding stories across the North East, including Co Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland & North Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. As a Wedding Photographer (or should I say, North East Wedding Photographers considering there's two of us!), we understand the difficultly in choosing the right photographer for your wedding. A wedding is over so quickly - in the blink of an eye, it's so important to have your special day beautifully documented; We document your day as it happens, telling the story of the day with beautiful, timeless and creative wedding photography.

We're a fun & down to earth couple; such an important attribute for making our couples and guests feel so relaxed.

Our Photography has so far been featured in various publications, including: N-Photo, Digital Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly, Professional Photographer Magazine, The Mail-Online, The Daily Telegraph, Bride Magazine, The Wedding Community & Zankyou Weddings. Craig is also a Featured Photographer for the much acclaimed Format-Hitech Filters.

Our Style

Our style is mainly reportage based, using a blend of contemporary & creative signature imagery to not only capture the beauty of your day, but tell it's story.

Every Wedding is entirely unique - we endeavour to capture those unique special moments; when you are who you are, no clichés, no fake smiles, nothing 'cheesy', no 'staged' scenes; Just those pure, honest moments that you'll look back on in many years to come and they will still bring a tear of joy to your eye, the magic and the emotion of that very special day.

For each and every wedding that we have the privilege of capturing, we bring with us our enthusiasm, skill and artistry; working together to capture stunning, standout & unique wedding photography that truly encapsulates the atmosphere and story of your wedding. Take a look at our Wedding Photography Portfolio to get an idea of our style, and how we work.


How we work

We love getting to know our clients; building a relationship with our clients is so important for us to be able to 'get you' as a couple; combined with our fun & relaxed way of shooting, it really helps our clients relax and it shows through in our photography.

We absolutely love what we do; As a Wedding Photographer shooting weddings around the North East, including Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham, and of course across the UK, covering some of the top venues, we get to share so many wonderful memories and capture the feeling, the fine details, the love, emotion and the expressions without intruding into our clients day; We love to create original and creative ideas that tell the story of your big day!

One client quote that rings so true with who we are, and how we work: "You really captured not only everything that was going on, but also our personalities and the essence of what we wanted our whole wedding day to be about" - Chris + Ben Alnwick Treehouse.

Alnwick Treehouse Wedding Photography

Chris + Ben

Where can we start with this magical wedding at the Alnwick Treehouse? Epic, Fabulous, Beautiful, Joyful and full of so much love - it was an absolute joy to document / photograph this tremendous wedding - so privileged to have been their Northumberland wedding photographers! -

The Inn on the Lake Wedding Photography

Angela + Simon

Small Family wedding at the Iconic / stunning Inn on the Lake - Ullswater - what a fabulous venue for a wedding photographer to work at! -

South Causey Inn Wedding Photography

Steph + Richard

Wonderful, fun filled wedding South Causey Inn wedding photography - The wedding photography was really help with lovely weather and a stunning sunset. -

A summer wedding at Jesmond Dene House

Kim + Steve

Summer wedding photography at Jesmond Dene House with Kim & Steve; By Newcastle Wedding Photographer, Richards & Co Photography -

Born Creative

Growing up, Craig was constantly trying to be creative - always drawing, painting, building (lego and model planes - he quickly found out they don't actually fly). Leaving school with 'A' level Art, and ganing a BA (Hons) in Multimedia, Craig eventually (once he’d stopped partying!) built a successful career as a freelance graphic designer for 20+ years working with many high-profile clients around the world.


Telling a story through a single photograph takes thought and great skill - we take such an approach to each and every wedding we are privileged to photograph. Capturing the essence of the day, those unique special moments without being obtrusive and always respectful.

Unique Moments

Each and every wedding is different, each with there own uniqueness. We endeavour to capture those unique special moments; when you are who you are, no fake smiles, no clichés, nothing 'cheesy', no 'staged' scenes; Just honest, pure moments that you'll look back on in many years to come and they will still bring a tear of joy to your eye.


Weddings are all about the love, the love between two people, celebrated with their family and friends. They are full of those pure, honest & emotive moments and your photography should reflect this - a perfect document of that unique day!

We’re Different

We’re not the average wedding photographers - we don’t work to shot lists, or take the same routine photographs that the majority do - we want to give you individual works of art, each photograph layered with love, emotion and happiness - a true document of the day as it happens, striving to be different, unique and creative with every photograph we take.


We not only capture those unique, special moments that make up your wedding day, we also incorporate creative, dramatic & compelling fine art images - creative use of lighting and composition to deliver those ‘distinctive’ works of art that will blow your mind.

People People

We're a fun, down to earth couple - we spend time getting to know our our couples, we engage with guests on the day; such an important attribute for making our couples and guests feel so open & relaxed - it's how we get the best out of people.

Missed Moments

There’s so many moments during a wedding that you won’t see - we document those precious moments for you - the loving stare of a grandparent, the tears of a father, the joy of children - all those hidden moments you get to see in the storyboard!

The Little Things

You’ve put a huge amount of effort into your wedding and it’s the little details that stitch a wedding together - flowers, the bouquet and bridesmaids flowers, the venue, the tables and of course the intricate detail of your stunning wedding dress - we put as much effort into documenting those little things as we do the rest of the day.

Tender Moments

We’re always watching for and documenting those little tender moments - those split second moments, the delicate touch of soft hands, simple smiles but full of emotion, the pride in a parents face.

Our Goal : Your Day

Creating and delivering a story of your day that invokes the feelings you had on the day is such a rewarding experience and we take great pride in it. To accomplish this, we don’t limit coverage - we start early and finish late - If the party is rocking, we're there, capturing the atmosphere until we literally have zero energy left!

Imagination : Authentic

We use our imagination to creatively capture a magical, authentic story of your day as it unfolds, this allows you both to be awesome and truly experience the magic, the emotion and moments that make up your day.

Love Letter

I can't thank the both of you enough. The pictures are the best wedding pics iv ever seen. I take my hat of to you both. If anyone would like having any pictures doing I would like to highly recommend they are a lovely couple easy goin and a pleasure to be around they will go the extra mile for you and they take a nice picture or two. Im so happy they did my pics I can't stop looking at them they mean the world to me and my wife keeps getting a bit tearful looking at them. Thank you so much all our love lee & Jaye Xxx Xx Xxx

- Lee, Stubton Hall