Relaxed, easygoing, and absolutely faff-free wedding photography, with a dash of humor.

We don't care about your sex, colour, religious leanings, or what you do for a living; we don't care if you're having a back garden wedding, or putting £100k into a wedding in an estate in the lake district (yep, we've shot both). What is important to us is that you don't take yourselves too seriously, and are able to laugh (the stronger the belly laugh, the better!), and your intent for the day is to celebrate with friends and family, with the emphasis on having as much fun as you can. What matters to us the most, is providing you with a phenomenal document of your own, unique, amazing day!

Bride rocking the wedding dance floor

Just be you, and we'll do the rest!

Just be you, and let us do the rest!! We want you to have FUN; we want to capture your day as it unfolds, along with the laughs, the feeling, the fine details, the love, emotion, and the expressions without intruding or unnecessary posing; We make it as relaxed as possible and much prefer blending in as if we were just a pair of friends, with cameras, and don't spend the day directing, bossing you (or anyone else for the matter) around.

The most important thing for us is to tell the story of your unique, amazing day.

One thing you've probably read while searching for wedding photographers are various phrases - unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall, work in the shadows etc, but in all honesty, we don't work like that, well, kinda don't....

In a sense, we are unobtrusive, in such a way that we won't interrupt/interfere in the day, but that doesn't mean that we (mainly Craig), won't be seen. We are fly-on-the-wall, in the shadows to a degree... in some cases, you need to be, otherwise, we'd destroy a moment by jumping out lol

We spend the vast majority of the day within the wedding, being part of it, up-close, being a guest, and documenting it from the inside out - you will see us, and that's how we manage to capture the photographs we do.

Being 'in' a wedding, becoming part of the wedding, hanging out with you and your guests, plus the banter that goes with it makes you and your guests much more relaxed around us, and therefore much easier to capture those honest, pure and completely natural moments throughout the day.

Have a read through some of the lovely comments our couples have left us, and you'll quickly get the idea of how we work :)

"Thank you both so so so much for the day! You honestly both felt like great friends we had always known."

Runa Farm Wedding

"Can't rate Craig and Andrea highly enough. Everything from the initial booking through to the delivery of the final photos has been amazing. The photos taken were amazing, their style of photography was exactly what we were looking for and allowed us to spend more time with our wedding guests without spending hours off taking staged photos.

They both blend in with guests and manage to capture every moment of the day perfectly. They were also amazing through the pandemic, dealing with postponements professionally and I'm glad we were able to get them for our rebooked day.

Wouldn't have been the same day without these two as our photographers."

Couple Portraits

Your Couple Portraits.

Not all of our couples choose to have their portraits, some just want 100% documentary, and we're completely fine with that.

For those that do, we love to capture moments in time; as such, the 15/20 mins we spend with you for your portraits aren't cheesy, they aren't posy… we don’t like cheese and we certainly don’t like posy! Instead, we aim to capture you as naturally as possible - ideally, with beautiful light, a little humor, a touch of creativity, and just the love that you have for each other.

We're both down to earth, easy to get along with, and both have a wicked sense of humor - by the time we get around to your portraits, you'll both be perfectly used to us being around, you have belly-laughed with us at least once so far; the cameras tend to not matter by this point, and due to how we shoot, you'll not care anyway ;)

If this all sounds great, and you're interested in us documenting your wedding, please get in touch, we'd love a chat!



"Hi Guys, Thank you so much for getting this back to us so quickly, absolutely love them. What a day/night it was and thanks so much for capturing it for us and enjoying the day with us. For us it didn't feel like you were our photographers, more friends and part of our day.. Not quite sure how we are going to have favourites amongst all those, we love them all and they bring back some very specific memories. I hope it sticks in your memories as one of your faves and we like to think we`ll say hello again sometime."


Party Time, dance like nobody's watching.

If you've spent some time flicking through the website, and our work, you should by now know we love a good party and capturing the atmosphere & shenanigans these bring to your day.

We stick some flashguns on, Craig gets himself onto the dance floor, up-close and personal, trying not to get stood on, and cracks on capturing some of the funniest photos you'll ever see! 

If the party is rocking, we're there, capturing the atmosphere, the lighting, your reprobate mates, parents pulling shapes, and people in positions you'd think weren't possible, right through until we literally have zero energy left!

If this all sounds great, and you're interested in us documenting your wedding, please get in touch, we'd love a chat!


Wedding Party

"Thank you both so so so much for the day! You honestly both felt like great friends we had always known. We know we wouldn't have had a better photographer for the day than you guys.

We had such a fab day, and it wouldn't have been half the day it was without you guys and we know you have captured every moment."

Feeting Moments of Light

Fleeting moments of light.

We're big fans of light and shadow, and how it interacts with the day - we love capturing those fleeting moments of light at weddings, those moments that are there for a split second, then gone forever - those moments that you couldn't replicate with all the will in the world; they may only be a tiny fragment of the day, but still, play a part in the story of the day.

"We always knew we wanted fun photographers to capture the love and laughter of the day, and boy did we get that! From the moment we met on zoom we bonded instantly, and knew Craig and Andrea were the ones for us.

Our pre-wedding photo shoot confirmed we’d made the right decision - despite being nervous, we came out with some stunning photographs. When it came to the big day they were absolutely brilliant - they were always there to photograph moments of fun and silliness, but also took some absolutely beautiful, romantic photographs. We will cherish these memories forever!"