Turkish / English wedding at Langley Castle in Northumberland.

We had an amazing day being Sinem & Mark's wedding photographer at Langley Castle. It was our first visit to this amazing castle, and it didn't disappoint! Blessed with a beautiful day, and an awesome couple, with equally awesome family/guests!

Langley Castle makes the perfect location for an atmospheric, fairytale wedding, with its thick walls it provides a tranquil refuge steeped in history, with specialised wedding co-ordinator to help ensure your castle wedding is totally unique.

Here's a short highlight slideshow from the day highlighting Sinem & Mark's Langley Castle wedding.

A few words from Sinem & Mark about their wedding day

How long have you been together / any stories about how you met?

We have been together since April 2015.  We met online originally and after swapping emails for a couple of days we then moved on to WhatsApp, which was lucky because two days after we started texting each other via phone the website that introduced us closed without warning!!!

Any stories or tales from the proposal?

Mark proposed while on holiday in Cuba.  He chose the hottest part of the day to ask Sinem to go for a walk along the beach.  He had forgotten to bring any sunscreen, relying instead on his ‘base tan’ to protect him from the incredibly hot rays.  Obviously, this failed massively and because he was using his t-shirt to hide the ring box he slowly burnt his shoulders.  While that night was a happy night as Sinem did indeed say ‘yes’, it was spent largely trying to find some after-sun to ease the slowly forming blisters on Mark’s shoulders.  Mark also made the ring box out of the trunk of their first Christmas tree! 

Reasons for choosing Langley Castle as your wedding venue?

Sinem really liked the idea of being married in a Castle and after viewing Langely there was no other venue in the running!

Colour scheme/theme/style?

Our colours were mainly ivory with a little touch of peach and pink.

Any special thoughts/memories from the day?

Mark’s favourite memory of the day is watching his wife-to-be walk down the aisle and the feeling of first being married following completion of the ceremony was amazing, we were (and still are) so happy!  It was a wonderful day from start to finish and to have all our friends and family sharing our special day with us was fantastic. 

Sinem's favourite moment was walking down the aisle, looking into Mark’s eyes and the moment when her dad passed her hand to Mark.  She knew and still knows she was holding the hand that she will happily hold for the rest of her life. She wouldn’t change that moment when they were announced as husband and wife for anything in the world, it was the happiest moment of her life! 

Any advice for couples planning a wedding?

Start early!!!

Finally, what can you say about Craig & Andrea, on your day, and your pictures?

Craig and Andrea are a great team and Craig knows how to get the best out of his subjects while making them feel at ease throughout the day. It was great to have them photograph our wedding, we ended up with some great photos that are destined for a place in the house!

Friends and Family can download/view the fullscreen slideshow here: https://richardscophotography.smartslides.com/sinem-mark

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