The day has finally arrived; wedding photography in Hexham, Northumberland in the North East of England for our lovely bride Zoe & groom Duncan, (Zoe is an artist & Duncan is a welder) and the weather forecast is looking awful, we gather our nerves & the camera gear & head up to Hexham...........& the heavens open, we start with the indoor photographs of bride’s hair & make up, capturing the beautiful children Maia & Ruben (too cute for words) only to find Duncan still at home. After shooing him out of the door we get some candid photographs of the dress - slightly unusual colour Magenta, but suited really well to the bride to be Zoe.

We head up to the church & take some abstract photographs of the marquee while it’s empty, picture the scene...........hay bale seats & tables, slabs of slate table centres, wine for the adults, party bags for the kids, meadow type flowers in jars, twinkly lights & paper pom pom’s hanging from the marquee ceiling; shabby chic meets country & it works really well for this particular wedding.

The church has no electricity but the candles are all lit & it’s beautifully decorated with flowers & it’s looking fab; the groom patiently waiting for his bride to arrive..............Zoe arrives under an big golf umbrella as yes you guessed it’s still raining!

After a fabulous & touching wedding ceremony the guests all head over to the marquee while we take some photographs of the family from within the church - the groom then piggy-backs his bride to the marquee.............this turned out to be one of our favourite pictures and just encapsulates them so well.

The cheeky little bar is opened, the food is served including items from an open barbecue & the guests are getting merry; it’s still raining! Finally and on cue based upon the Met Office forecast, the skies start to clear at 7pm and the sun is out so we hastily grab our bride & groom (Zoe is now in flip flops) and take them back to the church grounds for some ‘intimate portraits’ - Duncan got a wet bum perching against the wall but he gallantly protected his bride’s dress.

OMG!!!! These are stunning and sooooo what I had in my head of what I wanted - but not finding any photographers that 'did it differently'! I'm so impressed, you've encapsulated every aspect of our day perfectly - and how you had the energy to round up everyone I dont know! THANK YOU so much! x 

Now its time for the boys.................uh oh they are all in very high spirits as can be imagined from propping up the bar since 4:30pm. After plenty of laughs a bit of staggering, a bit of mooning, shades are on & we finally get them into a formation and get the photographs we wanted to the tune of the green man J; now it’s time for the first dance and it’s The King of the Swingers (Jungle Book) fab choice & suited our couple perfectly – Duncan at this point in huge rigger boots!

Now onto the girls................who are also in high spirits & feeling a bit naughty, they decide to strut their stuff while humming striptease & some high leg kicks & some ass grabs!

Finally it’s time for the group shot before the sun goes down & we lose the light & what a shot it is, happy bouncy wedding party which sums up the day, glad to say despite the rain it was an outstanding day & fun was had by all.

Here's a selection of images from the day.

montage 1 photography 1
montage 2 photography 2
montage 3 photography 3
montage 4 photography 4
montage 5 photography 5
montage 6 photography 6
montage 7 photography 7
montage 8 photography 8
montage 9 photography 9
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