I had a trip out to Low Hauxley in Northumberland with Andrea as it looked like we were in for a cracking sunset for a little beach portrait work and work on what we could do for our Northumberland wedding photography clients.

On the way there, the light looked fantastic, but by the time we arrived, a large bank of cloud had obscured the sun and removed most of the fabulous light I was after.

The intention was to create some golden portraits, California style.... I didn't happen, so I had to make do with the light that was available at the time.

We had a laugh and well... some of the language used by Andrea when I suggested getting into the water...

Imagine the scene, 8:30pm, Northumberland coast, quite a breeze and the North Sea - Not quite California!! But the shoot went really well and we're pleased with what we captured - we just need a willing Bride & Groom now.... line up, line up :)

Here's a selection of what I managed to get before I heard the words "Enough already, lets go...."

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