So after being on weather & tide watch last night we decided to bite the bullet to get up at 3am to catch a sunrise & visit the wreck of the Admiral Von Tromp in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast line.

After a slow *cough, cough* meander down the motorway a bit of suicidal wildlife (RiP bunny & you will never be that lucky again seagull) we got to Whitby only to find the sun popping up on the horizon! Sun rises at 5.30am Craig says & after checking the met office I find it actually rises at 4.40am, the exact time we arrived at the top car-park………lol, that'll teach me to leave the detail to him!

We grab the gear & head down to the beach; The tide isn't far enough to walk around the beach, so a dash across the precarious rocks was in order. Walking / scrambling over the large slippery moss covered rocks wasn't easy and going directly under the recently partially collapsed cliff was a tad iffy, but……….ooh look a Ammonite Fossil (not that I EVER get distracted) - another 2 fossils later & a further scramble over the rocks we reach the Admiral only to find the tide was a bit far out for what we wanted; oh well at least we have dry feet, managed a few long exposures with my D600 & Craig on his D800e with the morning sun reflecting nicely on the admiral.

Then we moved position to concentrate on the Black Nab with the lovely soft sunrise light on it & both got some nice photographs, I loved being left to my own devices although Craig did come & check on me at regular intervals :)

Craig was done & ready to leave & had to endure my constant 'just one more' for at least 30 minutes.

We packed up & just because my pack isn't heavy enough I brought home a few of the fossils I found……..other than Craig lol, we had a nice easy walk back up the beach as the tide was way out & back up the STEEP steps to the car & headed home to a cuppa and home made bacon sandwich.

A lovely few hours out & my first time up at 3am that didn't involve my grandson ;) 

If you're looking at taking your photography to the next level, or even a beginner looking to get into photography, drop Craig a message about one of his landscape photography workshops - We've been out a few times now and the way Craig explains things has really enabled me to pick things up quickly; how to look for light, composition and also working out the correct exposure to make the most of the available light. This was only my second time out using filters, but looks like next time we go out, I'll probably require very little help..... I hope :)

Here's one of Craig's photographs of the wreck of the Admiral Von Tromp.

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