How would you class your photography style?

We're laid back and relaxed, looking for the same in our couples - couples looking to have their wedding captured in a fun, relax & unobtrusive manner with some out-of-this-world imagery, allowing them time to still spend their fabulous day with their guests. We use our imagination to creatively capture a magical, authentic story of your day as it unfolds, this allows you both to be awesome and truly experience the magic, the emotion, and moments that make up your day - not forgetting the little details that you've spent so much time creating that help stitch a wedding together. 

How long will you stay at our wedding?

Creating and delivering a story of your day that invokes the feelings you had on the day is such a rewarding experience and we take great pride in it. We start early (normally 2 hours before the ceremony) and finish late - If the party is rocking, we're there, capturing the atmosphere until we literally have zero energy left! That being said, this is generally around 12hrs during the summer months. We have stayed later than this; however, it is at our discretion as to when we do.

Will it be yourself photographing our wedding?

Yes, it will be Craig photographing 90% of the wedding, with Andrea as the second bringing all the finer details into your photography that may otherwise get missed by a single wedding photographer (from the back of the church for instance).

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with public liability insurance & professional indemnity insurance. All our camera equipment is also fully insured and of course, we have full AA vehicle cover... just in case!

What happens if it rains?

If the unfortunate does happen, then don't worry on your wedding day; We come fully prepared for such eventualities, bringing with us special black & white umbrellas for the bride and groom so that we can still get some stunning outdoor portraits - Couple that with our creative use of flash and you can create some beautiful portraits even in the rain.

All of our photography equipment is fully weather-sealed, so if you're happy to step outside, then so are we. Group photographs can still be taken indoors (church for instance, or a suitable area at your venue).

We generally visit the venues that we haven't shot at previously, this gives us a good idea of where we can shoot (groups, portraits, etc) in various weather conditions, so we're prepared on the day!

In the event of you being ill, what happens?

In the unlikely event that one of us is so ill (honestly, we'd need to be bed bound!!), that we're unable to attend your wedding day, we are part of a network of talented wedding photographers; therefore able to gather help at short notice.

Will you visit our venue before our wedding day?

Yes, we most certainly will (as long as it is within our travel area). We'll try and visit the venue so we can access various areas and lighting.

Will we meet you before our wedding day?

Without a shadow of a doubt, we will. Of course, we'll have our initial meeting with you to discuss your individual wedding day photography requirements, but we will also have a 'pre-wedding' shoot, chances are we will get together again at some point, possibly at your church rehearsal, which is a good time for us to meet the vicar and discuss with them what limitations they have in place for photography within the church during the ceremony.

Do we need to feed you?

It's not a requirement, but it would certainly be nice - we understand how expensive a wedding is and don't want to add an extra expense. We work a very long day and generally bring our own food, but of course, we won't turn a hot meal down.

If you do feed us, don't 'shun' us off somewhere dark, let us eat when everyone else eats and where they do, or at least in eyes view - that way, we won't miss anything spontaneous that may happen during the meal - that doesn't mean we will be taking photographs during the meal... not what your guests want, but we're ready in case anything 'happens' during that time.

Why should we hire you?

Well, there's the real question.... I could go on and on about our passion, how I've been behind a camera since I could walk, but in reality, if you'd like pure, honest, and timeless photographs which perfectly documents your day, then hire us; Don't hire us if you'd like traditional, cheesy, gimmicky, dull, 1000's of pointless back of the head shots and 'must photograph this for no apparent reason' type of photography.

We are down-to-earth, fun to be around and very quickly put you and your guests at ease.

How many images do we get?

We try and concentrate on quality, not quantity. That being said, we generally deliver around the 600 - 800 area depending upon the day, time of year, weather and the number of guests.

Will you do formal group photographs?

Yes, we will if required - we understand that it's rare to have so many of the family together all at the same time, but if you want every conceivable variation of family/friends, your guests stood around for an hour +, waiting for their turn to have their photograph taken and then the '1, 2, 3, smile', we're probably not the photographers for you. We love documenting your day, the love, the laughter (that includes your guests too) - basically, everyone enjoying your day. Think back to the last wedding you attended, did you enjoy the 'group' photos? Probably not? Anyway, we try and keep these to a minimum (5-6 ideally). We will generally speak to you about this at the initial consultation.